Our times are afflicted by a flood of narcissism, and an obsessive cult of self-expression. My artistic vision are largely concerned with testing cultural and historical assumptions and the role that images play as agents of perception. The contemporary culture we are surrounded by is solely defined by an interaction of science, economy, politics and thus requires a new and anthropological notion of humanity and knowledge.

Art’s task changes in a world suffused with generated images. It is imperative to reflect on what are often highly sensitively charged worlds of images, the ways they are represented. In our constant rapid time modern life has become far-removed from anything resembling authenticity or truth. The relationships between nature and technology, language and body, body and space, have changed rapidly. The order of the day is to understand the world from the vantage point of abstraction and not to abstract from the world. In our post internet society, they have altered the way we regard communication and identity, character and our own selves and femininity.

As a human we are all perfectly outfitted with uniqueness, searching for the same questions over the past 2500 years:What is a good life? What is reality? What is knowledge? What is the self?

These are all questions about basic human reality and beyond. This broad conception includes this notion of philosophy as reflection, contemplation and analysis of the human condition. Despite the abundant variety of questions the answers are surprisingly uniform and consistently demonstrate a paucity of female voices. All these philosophically questions have been asked and analyzed in detail over the past 2500 years, if no longer.

There seems to be this global variety of conception, about the topic and method of philosophy as a discipline: Demonstrating the striking under-representation of female philosophers as a global phenomenon.Woman in Philosophy is a deliberately ambiguous category; it seems to indicate a racial as well as a cultural designation and invisibility.

Building on the effects that individualism and mechanization, employing transformations, mirror images, doubling and replications, developing realistic fictions that amaze and surprise the beholder.Searching for a possibility to be oneself, to think for oneself, and to deal with oneself. Slipping and reacting into the role of each, every fiction, vision and interpretation of all female philosophers. How many identities can one person live and still construct themselves into a singular being?

My pictorial registration stands as a vibrant and critically minded homage to diversity. These works adopt a “meta” relationship to the world, where the boundaries that mark truth and authenticity are heavily blurred. The title of the work is intended as a statement. It is simultaneously taken from the most important (though under acknowledged) work of female philosophers and literary figures, and pinpoints a new concept of identity that takes as its catalyst  in Western and Asian culture and knowledge.  The  body of work emphasizes the historical presence and absence of women to step beyond discursive postmodern modes of reasoning to propose a new language and grammar for thinking.